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Scour Bos 9 - 50 Dose

Scour Bos 9 - 50 Dose

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INDICATIONS: This product has been shown to be effective for the vaccination of healthy pregnant cattle to provide passive immunity in calves against disease by Bovine Rotavirus, Bovine Coronavirus, Clostridium perfringens Type C, and K99 piliated Escherichia coli. The duration of immunity for these antigens has not been established. For more information regarding efficacy and safety data, go to

DIRECTIONS: Shake well before using. Administer 2 mL intramuscularly in the neck 8 to 16 weeks prior to calving. Revaccinate with Scour Bos 4 4 weeks prior to calving. It is essential that newborn calves receive colostrum from the vaccinated dam. Revaccinate with one dose of Scour Bos 9 8 to 10 weeks prior to each subsequent calving. PRECAUTIONS: Store out of direct sunlight at 2° to 8° C (35° to 46° F). DO NOT FREEZE. Do not mix with other products, except as specified on this label. Use entire contents when first opened. In case of human exposure, contact a physician. Do not vaccinate within 60 days prior to slaughter.

WARNING: THIS PRODUCT MAY CAUSE PERSISTENT SWELLING AT THE SITE OF INJECTION. Anaphylactic reactions may occur. Symptomatic treatment: Epinephrine. Contains amphotericin B, gentamicin, and thimerosal as preservatives.

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