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Y-Tex - 2-Piece Tags - Yellow - 4-Star

Y-Tex - 2-Piece Tags - Yellow - 4-Star

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Y-TEX tags are made of an advanced, flexible polyurethane formulation. Special ultraviolet light inhibitors stop fading for superior hot-stamped or inked imprint life. The long, ribbed neck prevents breakage, and allows greater number visibility. Sloped tag shoulders, combined with the Y-TEX flexible button and patented Snap-Lok collar, provide superior resistance to snagging. Single-use button tip helps prevent infection transfer, short button shaft length promotes rapid healing.
Molded from an advanced polyurethane formulation for a softer, more flexible tag, numbered Y-Tex 4-Star Large Cattle Numbered Ear Tags feature a long, ribbed neck to prevent breakage and enhance visibility. Their flexible male buttons with the patented Snap-Lok collar provide superior resistance to snagging and prevent tag button separation. The buttons are designed to provide ample air circulation around the incision to promote rapid healing. The tags are imprinted with numbers and may be customized to your needs. Y-Tex large (4-star) ear tags are ideal for cattle use.

Y-TEX 4-Star Ear Tag & Button (25 Count) Highlights:

  • Manufacturer: Y-Tex Corporation
  • Fast, easy application
  • Ultraviolet light inhibitors resist fading
  • Snap-Lok collar for superior retention
  • Flexible button shaft & read resist snagging
  • Excellent visibility & retention with a long, ribbed neck & sloped shoulders
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