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Z-Tag Numbered 26-50 - Calf - Long Neck - Red

Z-Tag Numbered 26-50 - Calf - Long Neck - Red

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Z Tag No-Snag Ear Tags - Calf Numbered ID Tags are the worldwide leader in retention and ease of application. With their unique flip-out applicator and no-snag design, they are a premium ear tag for your premium livestock. Numbered ear tags are printed with exclusive laser printing that is guaranteed for the lifetime of the animal. Z Tag ear tags have a fool-proof one piece design that prevents the back of the ear tag from snagging, pulling out or breaking off. The exclusive self-piercing cutting tip give a clean, precise incision to help prevent infection and disease transfer. Made of soft, flexible material that won't curl, twist, crack or peel. Unique Z Tag ear tag applicator with pivoting applicator pin makes loading easy and eliminates ripped ears. 3-1/4” high x 2-3/8” wide.

Z-Tag Calf Numbered One Piece No Snag Ear Tag [Red] (26-50) (25 ct) 

  • Flexible tag material resists snagging on wire or brush
  • Exclusive, self-piercing tip prevents infection and disease transfer
  • Z Tag ear tags are the worldwide leader in retention and ease of application
  • Unique pivoting No-Snag-Tagger pin makes loading ear tags easy while eliminating ripped ears
  • Foolproof one-piece ear tag design ensures that back of tag will not snag and pull out or break off
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