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13" Barnes Dehorner

13" Barnes Dehorner

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For dehorning calves, this product have a simple, durable construction for long service. Made of heavy duty steel with rust-resistant, oxidized finish, precision cutting edges and rubber grips on handles. The Knuckle Saver features bowed-shaped designed for use in close quarters. The Barnes Dehorner has durable, straight stainless steel handles with cupped cutting edges. Cutting blades made of high grade steel. Cutting edges on inside to cup out horn button. Extra-heavy steel handles with rubber grips for extra power. Accepts horns of approximately 1.5" diameter.

The dehorners come in several sizes, so it is important to select a size big enough to remove the horn and a 1/4 to 1/2 inch circle of skin at the base of the horn. Inject each animal with a local analgesic. Place the Barnes Dehorner so the widest part of the cutting blade is aligned with the widest part of the base of the horn. Close the handles of the instrument and place it on the calf’s horn. Dehorning is completed by pressing the instrument firmly against the calf’s head and quickly opening the handles of the dehorner. A twisting motion, when the handles are nearly completely opened, assures a complete cut through the skin.

Use a pair of forceps to pull the bleeding vein to stop the bleeding. If it is still bleeding, use a blood stop powder or a hot iron to cauterize the wound. Disinfect dehorner between animals. Keep animals in an area that is sprayed for flies. Monitor animals for infection for the next 2 weeks.

Barnes Dehorner [13"] Highlights:

  • Manufacturer: Coburn
  • These dehorners will dehorn your cattle quickly and with minimum stress to the animal
  • Hardened steel blades ensure years of trouble free performance
  • Can be used to dehorn older animals from 2 months to 1 year
  • The bowed handle design allows it to be fully extended in tight quarters
  • This method causes bleeding so use the proper precautions
  • Barnes-Type Dehorners are constructed with stainless steel cutting heads for smooth operation and long service
  • They are made from the highest grade of hardened steel used for dehorner heads
  • Poly-coated grips on metal handles reduce slippage and increase comfort
  • Cutting edges overlap to ensure a complete cut
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