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#16416 - Ritchie Thermal Tube Extension - 2FT

#16416 - Ritchie Thermal Tube Extension - 2FT

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2 Foot Thermal Tube Extension 16416 -  Ours is Black

Permanently protect your vertical water supply line from freezing. Ritchie Thermal Tubes provide two inches of insulation all around with an r-Factor of 7 per inch, 12 inch outside diameter, 8 inch inside diameter. Designed with the help of testing conducted by Iowa State University to determine the ultimate size for maximum water line protection.

The Two Foot Extension allows you to combine thermal tube extensions and tops to the depth needed to reach 1 foot below your frost line.

  • ers premium protection to your waterline
  • Two inches of insulation with a total r-Factor of 14
  • Prevents frost from traveling to your waterline
  • Use the 2 foot extension to combine with other thermal tubes to reach desired depth
  • TIP: Do not cut or modify Thermal Tube. This will expose the insulation to the elements and deplete the insulation properties.
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