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#16612 -Ritchie Thermal Tube Top - 4FT

#16612 -Ritchie Thermal Tube Top - 4FT

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4 Foot Thermal Tube Top - Ours is black

Same insulated protection – now in yellow! Permanently protect your vertical water supply line from freezing. Ritchie Thermal tubes provide two inches of insulation all around with an r-Factor of 7 per inch, 12 inch outside diameter. Designed with the help for testing conducted by Iowa State University to determine the ultimate size for maximum water line protection. 4 foot overall height.

  • Offers premium protection to your waterline
  • Two inches of insulation with a total r-Factor of 14
  • Prevents frost from traveling to your waterline
  • TIP: Do not cut or modify Thermal Tube. This will expose the insulation to the elements and deplete the insulation properties.
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