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All-Weather Twist-Stik

All-Weather Twist-Stik

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This Paintstik is a solid paint crayon marker with a 25mm round tip. It is most versatile and economic marker, which combines the durability of paint in the convenience of a crayon. It is superior for writing on rough, rusty, oily, or dirty surfaces - wet or dry - and provides long-lasting, highly visible marks. All-Weather Paintstik resists weather and fading for long-lasting identification and will mark on wet or dry animals. This non-toxic marker is safe for all animals and to you. In sticks 4″ long and 1″ in diameter. 12ct. Grease paint sticks produce markings on livestock (cattle, horses, goats, swine) that last in all weather conditions, even on haired animals. Useful for identifying which animals have received vaccinations, treatments or been checked by the livestock manager.

Marks skins, hides and pelts. High visibility, fade-resistant, non-toxic and weather-resistant. Perfect for heat detection, breeding, health management, sorting and more. Cardboard, push-up style tube. All-weather marker that works on wet or dry hair & wool. Made of real paint for marks that last 7-10 days depending upon weather conditions. This all weather stick paint is ideal for the temporary identification of cattle in a herd. The paint is weatherproof and so poor weather conditions will have no effect on the identifiable marking on cattle in the herd. The marking paint is non-toxic and safe for use on all animals.

Twist up all weather paint stick works excellent for long time marking of livestock. Non-scourable and available in a variety of colors, this paintstick is great for jobs like sorting, breeding general animal health management. Paint stick will mark wet or dry animals and resists both weathering and fading making it easier to visually sort. All Paintstiks are non-toxic and safe for all animals. Easily marks on wet or dry animals, and is ideal for sorting and identification as well as tail chalking cows for

Paintstik Highlights:

  • Manufacturer: La-Co Industries
  • Weather and fade resistant
  • Safe for use on all livestock
  • Real paint for long lasting marks
  • New high-visibility fluorescent colors available
  • Long lasting formula can be used on wet or dry animals
  • Ideal for use in heat detection, sorting and identification
  • Non-toxic, safe for all animalsNontoxic paint sticks for marking livestock
  • Marks on wet or dry animals, ideal for sorting, grading, inoculation, ide
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