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Brown Cling gauze

Brown Cling gauze

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This lightweight, economical bandage wrap provides protection, support and consistent compression over wounds because it will not slip or stretch once applied. Ideal for holding gauze sponges or cotton padding in place beneath elastic wrap. Will not stick to hair coat or skin. Also suitable for tail wrapping. Non-sterile. Sterile gauze is a thin, absorbent fabric that has been manufactured and packaged under special conditions to ensure that it is free of germs. When an injury occurs,gauze can be used to help minimize bleeding and provide a protective covering for the wounded area. The unique weave of gauze allows air to penetrate its surface, so that wounds receive the oxygen that they need to heal properly. You can find sterile gauze in many forms. Gauze rolls are often preferred by people due to their versatility. In roll form, gauze can easily be wrapped around an injured area. You can also tear off a long piece of gauze and then fold it to place directly on top of an injury. Oftentimes, people choose to purchase first aid tape along with gauze. The tape is used to hold a gauze bandage in place

Gauze Roll Cling [Brown] (12 Count/Pack) Highlights:

  • Manufacturer: Jorgensen Laboratories
  • Can be self-applied.
  • Safety pins not includes.
  • Thick and strong for large wounds.
  • It can be used for military or civilian purposes.
  • Stretched bandage for stopping blood loss and wound care.
  • Designed to stop hemorrhaging and bandage wounds as first aid in the field.
  • Recommended for every first aid kit at home or at work. Always be prepared for an emergency
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