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Co-Flex Cohesive Bandage

Co-Flex Cohesive Bandage

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CoFlex Med - 4" Cohesive Bandage is ideal for scenarios when lightweight compression is required. CoFlex bandage wrap offers a controlled compression, with non-slip support that will not constrict over time. You control the desired compression level. Once wrapped, the self-adhesive bandage will not loosen or tighten and will remain secure. Compares to 3M Coban. Use the CoFlex wrap as an elastic bandage to support strains and sprains, hold a dressing or gauze in place, or as a compression bandage to help promote circulation and control swelling. CoFlex is extremely soft, is easy to tear or cut, and is resistant to sweat and water. This cohesive wrap adheres to itself, not to hair or skin. Andover CoFlex does not need clips or fasteners. Economical, high quality, comfortable, controlled compression bandage. Co-Flex wraps easily and adheres only to itself. Energy absorbing, abrasion resistant and non-slip support.

Treat injuries quickly with the Andover Healthcare CoFlex bandage wrap. The tan color keeps wounds covered inconspicuously, and the self-adhesive construction sticks to itself but removes easily from skin and other materials. This porous, lightweight medical bandage wrap promotes comfortable healing. The latex material of this Andover Healthcare CoFlex bandage wrap is water- and sweat-resistant, and its 14-pound tensile strength provides nonslip support for active wearers. Made from the highest quality material, these fantastic sweat and water resistant bandages are super flexible and easily moulded to whatever the shape required. CoFlex Bandages apply a small amount of pressure to the wound when applied properly to promote circulation and healing, as well as fantastic support. Excellent to use as a top layer bandage, these adhesive bandages are perfect for compressing strain and sprains or for providing support and protection to wounds.

4" Co-Flex Bandages:

  • Manufacturer: Andover Healthcare
  • Nonwoven cohesive latex material.
  • Ideal for lightweight compression.
  • Porous, lightweight design for comfort.
  • Flexible equine bandage is self-adhesive.
  • Self-adhesive construction sticks to itself only.
  • Compression bandage for sprains and strains.
  • Allows skin to breathe; won't cut off circulation.
  • Perfect for running bandage and leg or tail wrap.
  • Adheres to itself, no clips or fasteners are needed.
  • Maintains original size and does not shrink in width.
  • Latex material won't slip and is sweat- and water-resistant.
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