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OB Breeder Sleeve

OB Breeder Sleeve

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Made with a strong seam. Easy to put on with 35" overlap to open sleeves. Packaged in a resealable bag. Don't wait until your cattle are calving to have OB gloves to use. When the time arises, you need to be ready. You can order six or eight gloves, or an entire box of 100 to keep with your first aid kit and livestock supplies. We all know that there isn't going to be a farm supply store open during a storm, or at midnight when your cattle decide to calf.

These premium quality sleeves manufactured by Ag-Tek provide full-arm protection for a variety of large-animal procedures while delivering an optimum strength-to-sensitivity ratio. Disposable, shoulder-length, for examination and OB/AI use. Disposable MaxiSleeve gloves are made from a blended polymer film for an optimum strength to sensitivity ratio. Packaged in resealable, pressure-locked, non-sterile, multi-sleeve packs.

35" OB Sleeve Buff [1.1 mil] Highlights:

  • Manufacturer: Agri-Pro Enterprises
  • Made from durable plastic with strong seams
  • 1.1 Mil thickness and are 35" in length
  • Extra long for extra sleeve protection for you
  • Great to keep with your first aid kit and livestock supplies
  • Can also used for livestock dipping and bathing, or just convenient to use when cleaning or disinfecting
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