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Liquid Monitor Satallite C/W 3M Sendor - G95000

Liquid Monitor Satallite C/W 3M Sendor - G95000

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Get a better view of your liquids. Understand how much liquid you have so you can be proactive in mitigating any potential issues. 

The system uses low-power and secure satellite connection to capture liquid level information and sends it to your phone via text or email. 

As a satellite orbits the earth and passes over your device, it will collect daily reads of your tank level. Time interval between reads will vary.

On your app, you'll then see your data that was captured when the satellite passed over and collected a "read".

First-year subscription is included with the purchase of the device. An active satellite connection is required to use the device, and fees will apply after the first year. App powered by GasbotTM.

What's in the kit:

  • Protection Cover
  • Universal Monitor (Micro-satellite)
  • 10ft Liquid Level Sensor Cable
  • Cable Management Mounting Base
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