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Gallagher MBS1800i Energizer - G315504

Gallagher MBS1800i Energizer - G315504

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This Energizer powers 200 miles or 1,200 acres of clean fence in ideal conditions. The MBS1800i is a dual purpose energizer which means you have the option of powering as a 110v plug-in directly out of the box, or as a battery/solar (solar panel sold separately).Gallagher i Series Fence Energizer systems allow you to quickly and easily monitor your fence performance, informing you of any problems immediately, so you can take action to protect what matters most.

For the utmost in convenience, Gallagher i Series Energizers also come with an external control and display panel (pictured). This means that the Energizer can be locked away somewhere safe and out of the way, but easily controlled from a convenient location of your choice up to 164' away from the Energizer connected by a standard telephone extension cable.  The controller is weatherproof, so it can withstand extreme weather conditions.

A better view of your fence

Simply connect your i Series Energizer to a WiFi Gateway, sync the Ag Devices App and fence data will be sent straight to your pocket

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