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NJ Phillips 50 ML Syringe Repeater Pistol Grip Syringe

NJ Phillips 50 ML Syringe Repeater Pistol Grip Syringe

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This 50 mL Plastic Semi-Automatic Repeater by NJ Phillips fills through the tip. It is cost effective, reliable and durable to save you money. Easy choice of 5 fixed dose settings and the built-in needle magazine saves you time. The ergonomic fingertip action reduces hand strain. Optional polypropylene barrel for increased chemical resistance.

The ergonomically designed fingertip action reduces hand strain when giving lots of injections. A comfortable squeeze, built-in needle magazine, and adjustable dosage settings of 1-5 ml. Cost effective, reliable, and durable. Colored knobs sold separately

Front needle medication filling, 25 ml or 50 ml volume repeater syringes with adjustable click-stop dosages. This syringe has a push grip for more natural motion when giving injections. Amber colored barrel reduces UV sunlight exposure. Durable construction with metal and plastic components designed for rugged conditions. Barrel and needle attachment can be autoclaved to ensure proper sterilization and pathogen control. Popular syringe for all livestock operations.

Plastic Repeater Syringe [50 mL] Highlights: 

  • Fills through the tip. 
  • Cost effective, reliable and durable. 
  • Easy choice of 5 fixed dose settings. 
  • Built-in needle magazine saves you time. 
  • Fits more hand sizes. 
  • Ergonomic fingertip action reduces hand strain.
  • This syringe from NJ Phillips is compatible with Merial LONGRANGE as well as other oil based vaccines. 
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