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Why use a colostrum replacer?

Maintaining a consistent supply of good quality colostrum for newborn calves is often a challenge. A colostrum replacer can be a suitable alternative for maternal colostrum in the following cases:

  • Biosecurity – prevent transmission of diseases such as Johne’s
  • Quantity – minimize inventory concerns when maternal colostrum supplies are short
  • Quality – reduce cow-to-cow variation in immunoglobulin (Ig) concentration associated with maternal colostrum
  • Convenience – minimize hassles with night calvings and thawing frozen colostrum
  • Cleanliness – eliminate potential bacterial contamination issues with maternal colostrum
  • Maternal colostrum needs to be routinely monitored for adequate levels of immunoglobulins or globulin proteins, whereas colostrum replacers already contain a pre-defined amount of globulin proteins.

Provides up to 200 grams of Globulin Proteins

OptiPrime single dose contains 150 grams of globulin proteins per 500 gram packet. OptiPrime Multidose provides the option to feed up to 200 grams of globulin proteins. These feeding rates meet current university recommendations for colostrum replacer.

OptiPrime is derived from a concentrated form of 100% pure, natural bovine colostrum and is manufactured from high quality first and second milkings from selected Grade A dairies. OptiPrime is guaranteed free of all major colostrum transmissible diseases including Johne’s.

Fortified with Essential Fatty Acids, Vitamins, and Minerals

OptiPrime is fortified with NeoTec4, a special blend of fatty acids shown to help support the immune system, intestinal health, and calf growth. In addition, OptiPrime contains supplemental minerals and vitamins to provide critical co-factors and nutrients to support the immune system of the newborn calf.

Instantized Formula for Easy Mixing

OptiPrime has been instantized to assure ease of mixing of the product, often a concern with colostrum replacers. The instantizing process helps to assure adequate mixability and wettability while minimizing settle-out.

Can be Utilized as a Colostrum Supplement

OptiPrime can also be used as a colostrum supplement in support of maternal colostrum that is of marginal quality or quantity. Use a half packet to provide 75 grams of globulin proteins or choose a dose from the label directions options on the Multidose package to supplement the globulin proteins supplied by maternal colostrum.

Storage and Shelf Life

Store dry OptiPrime powder in a tightly closed, waterproof container in a cool, dry place. Use within 12 months of manufacture whenever possible. Dry powder may be sealed in a waterproof, airtight container and stored in the freezer to extend shelf life. After OptiPrime has been mixed with water, feed the solution immediately—do not store.

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