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Paragon Disposable Scalpel

Paragon Disposable Scalpel

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Pack 10 Paragon Disposable Scalpels With Guard The No.21 is a small, pointed, crescent shaped blade sharpened along The inside edge of The curve. It is sometimes utilised as a suture cutter but also for arteriotomies (surgical incision of an artery), parotid surgeries (facial salivary glands), mucosal cuts on a septoplasty (repair of nasal septum) and during cleft palate procedures, ureterolithotomies (calculus removal by incision of The ureter) and pyelolithotomies (surgical incision of The renal pelvis of a kidney for The removal of a kidney stone - also known as a pelviolithotomy ). Stainless Steel blade with a Polystyrene Handle. The Pack of 10 #21 Scalpel Blades is an ideal choice to restock on blades for medical, beauty & home uses. The precision-shaped carbon steel blades are sharp and easy to use for a variety of different tasks and/or procedures.

Includes a free Handle that can be used for a variety of different blade sizes. The #21 Scalpel Blades are forged from corrosion-resistant and ultrasonic cleaned carbon steel for the highest quality + value for the price. The sharp and precise blades make these Scalpel Blades a great buy for Designers, Hobbyists, Graphic Artists, Model Makers & more. These medical Paragon disposables blades are ready to use and cleaned with gamma radiation. They can be used professionally for dermaplaning to dull layers of skin are removed from the face in order to reveal a brighter complexion.

The #21 scalpel blades are multi-functional tools that can be used for a wide range of tasks in industries Including health and wellness, beauty and skincare, mechanical and tech servicing, processioning laboratories, taxidermy, and more. The scalpel blades are individually wrapped in foil pouches and are safe, effective, and convenient. They come clean and ready to use, 100% brand new and sealed. Precisely shaped and balanced for a high degree of flexibility while conducting procedures. The scalpel handle has a graduation scale which is etched with measurements from 0-6cm and a division value of 1mm.

The grooved handle provides a strong grip to perform delicate work and/or detailed inspections. Ergonomic design helps reduce hand fatigue during repetitive tasks. Non- Reflective smooth finish for easy cleaning and disinfecting the instrument. Surgical Blades are Autoclavable and passivated for prolonging the instrument’s life span. Premium quality aesthetic finish resulting from superior craftsmanship. Corrosion-resistant medical-grade stainless steel for heavy-duty performance.

Paragon Disposable Scalpels- No. 21 [10/Box] Highlights:

  • Manufacturer: Agri-Pro Enterprises
  • Packed in 10
  • Polystyrene handle
  • Paragon Sterilized disposable scalpels
  • Supplied sterile in individual trays
  • Paragon sterilized stainless steel blades
  • They come clean and ready to use, 100% brand new and sealed.
  • Single-use scalpels avoid cross contamination and are suitable for simple surgical procedures.
  • Precision molding of blade into handle, with a replaceable blade guard, for complete user protection.
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