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Rapid Strike Oral Drench

Rapid Strike Oral Drench

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Rapid Strike™

When Digestive Challenges Threaten

Rapid Strike™ is a natural oral drench that reduces pathogen load, enhances gut health and promotes a quick return to normal eating and drinking after digestive stress with scours.


  • Reduces scours and pathogen load

  • Electrolytes to support rapid hydration

  • Gets sick calves up and drinking/eating

  • Support health during challenges

  • Keeps energy focused on growth


  • Microfused® Essential Oils

  • Actifibe® Prebiotic

  • Electrolytes


    Administer orally 10 ml (1 pump = 5 ml) during times of digestive stress. Repeat after 24 hours if needed. Does not require refrigeration.

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