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Shut-Eye for Pinkeye

Shut-Eye for Pinkeye

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Protective eye patch for pinkeye treatment in cattle. Glues on over the eye to protect from dust, sunlight and other irritants. Patch falls off in about 10 days and is biodegradable. Kit contains 10 patches and 1 tube of glue. Protective eye patch completely covers the infectedeye with a dome designed to fit the curve of the animal's head. Will not comeinto contact with the eye. Holds medication in place and protects eye fromirritation by insects, grass, weeds, and wind and sunlight. Packaged with 1tube (5oz) of glue/cement Available in both Cow (regular) and Calf size.(this listing is for the Calf) Shut-Eye Patches will fall off in about 10 days andis biodegradable. SHUT-EYE for Pinkeye Cattle Disease Protects theEye from: Insects Tall Grass Weeds Wind Sunlight.

Glued on over the eye to hold medication in place and protect the eye from sunlight, rain, wind, dust, grasses, and insects. The patch will fall off in 7 to 10 days and is biodegradable. 5 oz Cement tube sold separately.

Shut-eye Patch Calf 10 Count Highlights:

  • Manufacturer: Mwi Veterinary Supply
  • Tested safe for use even in very old dogs
  • Shut eye - patch Cow - 10' s
  • 10 patches and 1 tube of adhesive.
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