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Lamb Snap On Nipple

Lamb Snap On Nipple

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Soft and pliable, with a natural shape for the tender mouths of lambs, kids, piglets, foals, and other small livestock. Made with a special rubber formula to prolong nipple life and improve pliability. Fits the Little Giant 2-Quart and 3-Quart Snap-On Nursing Bottles. 0.5 inch diameter by 3.5 inch long. Supple yet durable, this Snap-On Lamb/Kid/Foal Nipple is designed for nursing lambs, foals and goat kids 1 to 2 weeks and older, and nursing foals of all ages. The special tapered shape of the lamb bucket nipples conform to smaller mouths, allowing them to nurse easily and comfortably. The baby goat bottle nipples snap quickly and easily onto a DuMOR 2 Quart Bottle for easy and sanitary feeding. We recommend using a new nipple feeder for each animal, to minimize the risk of disease transmission.

Lamb Nipple (Snap On) Highlights:

  • Manufacturer: MILLER MFG
  • Natural shape
  • Soft and pliable
  • Red nipple feeder
  • Lamb bucket nipples are proudly
  • Special rubber formula prolongs nipple life and improves pliability
  • Designed for lambs, also works great for kids, piglets, foals, and other small livestock
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