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Sullivan - Touch Up Paints - Blackout

Sullivan - Touch Up Paints - Blackout

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Our industry has never seen this many color options before, so rest easy knowing that the right shade is achievable with Sullivan’s touch-ups. The color spectrum ranges from black, white, light red/orange to dark brown/red as well as the yellow/light smoke colors.The options are endless!

Each touch-up is applied as the final touch-up for covering adhesives and leg builders and provides excellent hair-like coverage. Quick-drying with the most natural look on the market.


BLACKOUT is an intense black touch up that was created for modern day fitting techniques. This semi-gloss finishing touch-up provides the deepest, darkest, most natural black coverage. Achieving a more natural black brilliance without breaking down adhesives and powders. BLACKOUT’s intense black pigment penetrates deep into the hair resulting in complete coverage. The deepest, darkest black touch up paint on the market !

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