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Syringe Ardes - 10CC

Syringe Ardes - 10CC

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This 10ml Nylon Syringe with Luer Lock is an oral syringe used for infusion of solution. The dosing syringe is designed with a colour coded cap and large plunger making it easy to hold and prevent medication error. The scale marking helps to attain accurate dose each time you use it. The syringe contains luer lock connector which helps to connect to the needle. (Needles are not Included).

Feeding method: facing the baby bird, first let the baby bird raise its head, slowly and obtrusive it into the left esophagus of the bird and then inside the crop to push the milk powder (do not intubate in the opposite direction). After the hose is disinfected with boiling water, it will become soft, easy to become loose or even fall off. Therefore, it is necessary to strictly check whether there is any loosening of the hose and the head before each use. Do not cut the hose too short to prevent the bird from swallowing the hose. Only Suitable for Small Birds. Please select the appropriate hose according to the size of the bird, otherwise the bird may swallow the hose.

For medium and large baby birds, don't choose this syringe,please select 4mm hose for feeding. before installing the hose, the nut at the front of the syringe does not need to be removed. The hose head can be directly spiraled in for installation, so as to achieve the state of locking the hose head. Food should not be too thick. Push the food slowly, or it will damage the crop and oral skin due to too much force. The lubricating oil in the syringe is non-toxic edible silicone oil. When it is dry and hard to push after a long time, you can drop some edible lubricating oil in the syringe to keep it lubricated. If the air runs to the inside of the syringe along with the food when you suck the food, the middle piston washer should be replaced at this time.

Material:Plastic and perspex syringes with easily removable plunger.Light weight, simple structure, easy to clean, not easy to break.

  • High quality material – TPX material, light weight and high temperature resistance
  • Stainless steel inner rod – rust-proof, strong and durable, clear scale
  • Injection scale can be adjusted – self guided tumbucle to adjust the volume of injection
  • Syringe graduation is clear – easy to see graduation because of black markings
  • Ergonomic design – the handle is ergonomically designed for comfortable grip

Nylon Syringe 10 mL Highlights:

  • Manufacturer: Agri-Pro Enterprises
  • Available in 10ml, 20ml and 50ml
  • Oral Syringe for Infusion
  • Colour Coded Cap & Large Plunger
  • Scale Marking on the Side of the Syringe
  • Luer Lock Connector to connect Needle
  • 10ml Capacity of the Syringe
  • Durable clear nylon construction with comfort handle
  • Metal Luer Lock Tip and Plunger Shaft
  • Visible barrel scale with dosage increments
  • Fully bailable for disinfection
  • Plastic and perspex syringes with easily removable plunger
  • Light weight, simple structure, easy to clean, not easy to break
  • Mainly used for feeding milk to parrot and other young birds during anaerobic milk period,or feed liquid medicine and food to sick birds
  • Designed to lock on to the Ezy Feeders and any medication and feeding needles for security during feeding
  • High temperature resistant, can use the hot water for disinfection
  • Durable for a long time not to distort, not rust
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