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Syringe Ardes - 20CC

Syringe Ardes - 20CC

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Durable, long-lasting nylon syringes have a clear plastic barrel with bold, black-inscribed numbers for easy reading, plus an orange handle so you never lose sight of it. The barrels are unbreakable poly nylon, metal plunger and the tips are steel luer lock. Designed for one-hand operation. Can be dismantled for full sterilization. The 20ml syringe is guaranteed unbreakable thanks to a body composed of premium polymer. Its mechanical and chemical components have a better resistance than standard syringes. Reliability is assured by a precise injection without leaks thanks to a quality, non-stick, hydrophobic o-ring.

ARDES Syringe [20 cc] Highlights:

  • Manufacturer: Agri-Pro Enterprises
  • Multiple sizes to fit user’s preference. Fits with luer lock needles
  • Comfortable handle allows easy and quick administration of drugs
  • Reusable and can be fully dismantled in order to be fully sterilized
  • Durable long-lasting reusable nylon syringes at an economical price
  •  The clear plastic barrel has bold, black inscribed numbers and orange handles
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