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VetGun Prefilled CO2

VetGun Prefilled CO2

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The VetGun Insecticide Delivery System is a unique system for delivering insecticide-filled AiM-A and AiM-L VetCaps to control horn flies and lice on cattle without having to catch the cattle and run them through the chute.The AiM-L VetCaps, which burst upon contact, deliver the powerful insecticide.The VetGun is powered by CO2 and can be utilized from 15' - 30' away. Simply aim, shoot and treat the cattle. The VetGun is easy to operate for men and women, quite accurate and a reliable, low stress way to treat cattle. Cattle may be treated while milling around or feeding, without added stress or labor. Allows one person to easily apply insecticide from horseback, pickup, ATV, or while on foot. Saves time and puts you in control of when and where you treat your cattle.

One time use canister25gm canister will shoot 20-25 shots606 25 gram CO2 cartridges are the power source for the VetGun system. Each 25 gram CO2 canister can disperse 20-25 rounds with the VetGun. Specific 25 gram adapters required for use.  VetGun is the proven delivery platform for effective horn fly control when and where you need it with minimal labor, handling or stress.Simple to operate, accurate and reliable, VetGun works from a distance of 15 to 30 feet to safely deliver a precise, consistent dose of a topical insecticide. Each product offers a unique mode-of-action to fit perfectly with your insecticide resistance program.

Aim VetGun CO2 Cylinders (25 g) [6 pk] Highlights:

  • Manufacturer: SmartVet
  • Designed to be used at a range of 15 - 30 feet
  • GelCaps are brightly colored, allowing producers to tell which cattle have been treated
  • Patented new dosage form that encapsulates liquid parasiticides in a special softgel capsule
  • Specifically engineered to withstand transportation and handling, yet burst upon contact with the animal
  • Precision-engineered CO2 power to project a precise dosage of AiM-A or AiM-L VetCaps to treat the animal
  • AiM-L VetCaps contain 10mL of lambda cyhalothrin encased in a specialized capsule to be used exclusively with the VetGun
  • VetGun and VetCaps are engineered not to startle the cattle and to minimize any discomfort caused by the dosing process
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