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XL Bander Bands

XL Bander Bands

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This bander opens larger and has bands that are 2X stronger than ordinary banders. The flat sides of the bands prevent them from rolling off during application. This bander locks open on a cam system that easily releases with a flip of your finger allowing you to always have one hand free. Use this bander on newborns to calves up to 400 lbs. Comes complete with ten bands. Elastrator rings for the Tri-Bander elastrator. Bands open to 2½ inches by 2½ inches by 2½ inches. Designed for bulls weighing from newborn to 350 pounds. Bag of 25 rings.

Restrain the animal. Place the ring onto the bander and open. Slip over the scrotum. Before removing the bander, ensure that both testicles are below the ring. It is recommended to give a tetanus shot for the procedure. Monitor castrated animals for infection. These bands features flat edge. 750% elongation. 3500PSI Tensile. Made of Latex. Castrate bands for use with Tri-bander tool, does not require clamping or clip. Open with a tri-bander tool, put in place and release. Works for cattle, sheep and goat. Please consult a veterinarian before use.

Tri-Bander XL (25 Count) Highlights:

  • Manufacturer: S&J Tools
  • Easy to use and apply
  • Castrating Band, For Tri Bander Applicator
  • Twice as strong as the green bands
  • Applicator requires no tightening of any kind
  • Can also be used for removing horns and docking tails
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