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YTags Tagger

YTags Tagger

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he Y-Tags ear tag applicator is designed for use with the Y-Tags one-piece ear tag. It features rugged construction for outstanding durability and dependability, plus an extra-wide jaw to provide more space for the animal's ear. Designed with A flip-out pin virtually eliminates ripped and torn ears. Spring-loaded flip-out pin to hold tag in correct position during tagging. Tags and tagger are designed to work together to reduce required force for tag application and producer fatigue. Extra pin in handle, in the rare event the original pin needs replacement.

Restrain cattle in chute. For larger cattle, you may want to use a halter, nose lead or rope to help restrain and keep their heads from moving. For calves, simply lay them on their side on the ground and place your knee over their neck (gently, yet firmly) to restrain.

Disinfect the ear on the area of application. Using the Y-Tex Y-Tag One-Piece Tagger, place the ear in the tagging system. The tag should be placed in the middle third of the ear. Avoid major ear veins while applying the ear tag. Disinfect the tagger between each use.

YTAG Applicator for ear tags Highlights:

  • Manufacturer: Y-Tex Corporation
  • Easily applies one-piece Y-tags
  • Heavy-duty construction for dependability
  • For use in applying Y-Tex One-Piece Y-Tags only
  • Extra-wide jaw provides more space for animal’s ear
  • Flip-out pin to virtually eliminate ripped or torn ears
  • Rugged construction for outstanding durability and dependability
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